Why PeekSmith 3 is better than an Apple Watch or a smart band?

PeekSmith was designed for magicians, and the messages are staying on the screen. Apple Watch and smart bands are turning off their screens after a while to save battery, and you cannot turn this feature off. PeekSmith is compatible with several apps has no Apple Watch or other smart device support, too. Dimensions of PeekSmith makes it easy to hide it in places where you cannot hide an Apple Watch (like card box, or your pocket). Finally, PeekSmith's screen is optimized for readability, and we are working with the app developers to maximize the information you can peek from the screen.

What is the retail price of PeekSmith 3?

The price of PeekSmith 3 is 235 USD + VAT + expedited shipping worldwide (usually 35-50 USD). If you are in the European Union, we will add your country's VAT to the price, and as we are shipping from Hungary, you will pay no customs. If you are outside of the EU, then you will have to pay the VAT and customs to the customs office of your country.

How can I place an order?

Please click here for the details: Ordering PeekSmith 3

Does the buttons have functionality?

Long press of the side button will turn on and off the device, and we also have assigned other functionality when you long pressing the front buttons. Applications can use the buttons as it reports button press related events via Bluetooth - it depends on the developer how they handle these events.

How can I keep the PeekSmith app open without locking my phone?

The PeekSmith app should be in the front to work. You should not lock the screen, or switch to another app. There's an option in Other Settings: "Turn OFF screen when covered". If you turn it on, the app will turn off the screen if it detects something in front of your screen (like your pocket), you can use it instead of locking the screen.

What kind of battery does PeekSmith have?

It has a rechargable LiPo battery.

How can I charge the device?

You can charge it with the microUSB port. Plug it with the included cable to your computer or wall charger. The device can be on or off. When the device is off, it will obviously charge faster. You can turn it on to read the battery percentage. When you are charging the device, a slightly higher battery percentage will be reported.

How long PeekSmith 3 is working after I fully charged?

The exact answer depends on your brightness settings and usage pattern. We have done some tests with brightness level 5 and a few Bluetooth messages per minute, and PeekSmith 3 worked for more than 4 and a half hours. When the screen is empty, power usage is much lower, so we think 5-6 hours of usage is realistic. Our test with brightness level 6 ended up with 3 and a half hours, so it really matters. Make sure you are using the latest firmware, we are always working on improving the battery life.

How long is it to charge the battery to 100%?

It is about an hour to fully charge the battery.

How long the device can work after it is fully charged?

Mostly it depends on the screen brightness, and also the Bluetooth communication. With brightness 5 and a few Bluetooth messages per minute, it will work for about 5 hours.

What are the dimensions of PeekSmith 3?

The width of PeekSmith 3 is 52mm, the height is 17mm, and the thickness of it is 12mm. It was designed to fit into a card box easily.

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