Firmware update

The firmware is the software running on the PeekSmith device. Currently the officially released firmware is v1.5.7. The original firmware version was v1.0.23.

For a more up-to-date firmware update guide please visit:


Firmware update in the PeekSmith app

Once you connect your PeekSmith 3 to the official PeekSmith app, it will display a yellow button if a firmware update is available. Just tap the button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Firmware update using a WEB browser

We are also offering this browser-based updater tool. You can also use it to upload beta firmware.
The website uses WEB Bluetooth to communicate with PeekSmith. This technology is available in browsers:

  • on the desktop (or laptop) in Chrome, Edge, and Opera (make sure you have the latest) - and you need to have Bluetooth on the machine (most laptops have it, desktops may need a dongle),
  • on Android phones in Chrome (perhaps in Edge or Opera, too?), some customers reported upload stops at 0%, if you experience the same, please use a desktop/laptop instead
  • on iOS or iPadOS with Bluefy.

Firmware update is safe if you follow these steps, however, beta firmware may contain bugs. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Before starting the firmware update, make sure that your PeekSmith is ON, connected to the charger, and charging.
  2. Download the latest firmware from Google Drive.
  3. Connect to your PeekSmith 3 by pressing the Connect button on the firmware update page. Make sure PeekSmith 3 is not connected to your phone. Fill the input field in with "PeekSmith" (without the quotes, letter case matters), and only your device will be listed.
  4. The page will list the firmware available on your device. Usually, it stores two firmware images, you can see the version number of them. The first one is active.
  5. Please erase the second firmware to make room for the new by pressing the Erase button. The connection might be lost. Try pressing the Erase button even if you don't see a second slot. If the page is not reconnecting properly to your PeekSmith, please reload the page and connect to it again. If nothing happens when you press the button, then go to the next step.
  6. Select the firmware by pressing the Select file button in the Image Upload section.
  7. You should see the new firmware's version number and other details.
  8. Press the Upload button, it will upload the new firmware to your PeekSmith 3.
  9. The connection might get lost. If the upload has not yet finished, then reload the page and repeat the fifth step.
  10. If the new firmware has been uploaded to your PeekSmith, then press the Test button. It will flag the firmware and next time when you turn on your PeekSmith, PeekSmith will set it to the active firmware, and start it.
  11. The new firmware should be Pending: true now.
  12. Press the Reset button at the top. It will restart your device. The red LED will turn on, and the firmware will be replaced. It is about 20-30 seconds. If your device is on the charger, then just wait. If not, then you should start pressing the side button while the firmware update is in progress, and release it only when the device turns ON (new firmware has a protection to prevent accidental turn-ons).
  13. When the new firmware is ready and running, then the page should reconnect to your PeekSmith 3. If not, then reload the page and connect.
  14. Now you should see the new firmware as active in the first slot. If the new firmware is still in the second position, you should repeat it from the ninth step.
  15. The new firmware is not yet confirmed. It means that if you restart PeekSmith, then PeekSmith will downgrade to the previous firmware. If you were able to connect to PeekSmith via Bluetooth, then the new firmware is working.
  16. Press the Confirm button to make the new firmware permanent.
  17. Enjoy the new features, and please report if you see any bugs.


  • v1.2.3: menu for settings, disable charging screen. See the Facebook post for more details.
  • v1.1.44: general battery related improvements, settings for dice and card presentation and some small features. See the Facebook post for more details.

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