First Steps

First Steps

Congratulations on having your PeekSmith device! We hope you will like this tiny piece of magic, and you'll amaze your audience.

Turning on the PeekSmith device

You can turn on the device on the right of it with the small on/off switch. When the device is on, you should see a red LED lighting inside the device. It will also display a short message and the battery status. Additionally, the PeekSmith Two device will do a short vibration.

When you finished using it, don't forget to turn it off. With one charge, the device can work for about 6 hours.

Now the device is ready to connect to a mobile app via Bluetooth.

First steps with the PeekSmith app

You should install the PeekSmith application. Go to the The App page and follow the instructions.

Start the app, and go to Settings. You will see different sections, in the first one, the "PeekSmith Device", you should see a "Select PeekSmith" title and a "List devices" button. Press the button, and your PeekSmith device should be listed there. Click on the device name, and the device should connect. The PeekSmith device will display a "Welcome" message.

Now you should see a green button with the "Details..." text, press it, and now you can test your device.

There are different ways you can use your PeekSmith device now:
  • Your assistant can use the PeekSmith app, and can send you messages with it. The phone should be in the Bluetooth standard 10 meters / 11 yards range to be able to communicate with the device.
  • Inject 2 and WikiTest are popular magic apps, you can use them with PeekSmith by going to "Display Web Data" in the PeekSmith app, turning on the "Read data from URL", and selecting your "Data source".
  • The PeekSmith app can also watch any customer web URLs, so if a developer and sets up a web URL, you can set it in the "Display Web Data" section, by selecting the "custom" data source.
  • There's a growing number of applications can work with the device. We have tried to list them on the The Device page. You should consult the app's instructions about how to use it.
  • On Android, you can set up catching mobile phone notifications as well (iOS doesn't allow to catch notifications because of privacy reasons). Any magic app that can send a notification can be used this with the PeekSmith device, just go to the Notifications section in the PeekSmith app, and turn on catching the notifications. You can test this feature by sending an email yourself, or asking someone to text you / send you a chat message.

Charging the device

You can charge the device with the MicroUSB port available on the right, above the on/off switch. Any microUSB charging cable should work, you can by them in electronics store. You can plug your device to your computer's USB port, or a wall charger.

It is about 1-2 hours to charge your device to 100%.

There are two important notes:
  • Don't let the device to totally discharge, as the battery can be damaged (it is true for any LiPo battery). At least charge it every 2-3 months, even if you are not using it.
  • Some chargers are not providing the 5V constantly, but trying to detect if a device is plugged. If they were designed for mobile phones with 1A/2A charging, they might not detect PeekSmith's 100 mA need, and won't charge.


For first time users, some tips to know:

  • The PeekSmith app (same for the CubeSmith app) should be in the front to work. You should not lock the screen, or switch to an other app. There's an option in Other Settings: "Turn OFF screen when covered". If you turn it on, the app will turn off the screen if it detects something in front of your screen (like your pocket), you can use it instead of locking the screen.
  • The PeekSmith device (and typically any other Bluetooth device) can connect only to one application. If the device is ON, connected to the PeekSmith app, then other apps (like CubeSmith) won't be able to list and connect to it.

Further advices

PeekSmith is an electronic device can work in normal room conditions. While we have designed it to be as massive as possible, the screen can break or some water can cause damages to the electronics.

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