Luna Cards for Benke Smith apps

The Luna back design was created by Andras Barthazi (designed by wildgica). It is a moon and starry night inspired one-way design, with amazing details.

The cards are paper cards, made from the same 3 layered material as other good quality cards on the market. We have created them with Butta Finish™ which might be one of the best finishes on the market for cardistry or just for working with the cards. They were manufactured by one of the largest professional printing company.

The cards are created for Benke Smith's apps, however poker cards are coming in the future as well. If you like the quality, we are also open to design and manufacture your cards. Contact Andras for more details.

Pricing and Ordering

We might fine-tune our pricing in the future, but the introductional prices are:


  • Marked ESP Test Cards (5 cards) - 5 USD + VAT + shipping
  • Luna CubeSmith Cards (18 cards) - 7 USD + VAT + shipping
  • Luna Mental Painter Cards (8 cards) - 6 USD + VAT + shipping
  • Marked Color Clown Cards (14 cards) - 7 USD + VAT + shipping
  • Luna LockSmith Cards (18 cards) - 7 USD + VAT + shipping

If you are in the European Union, we will add your country's VAT to the price, and as we are shipping from Hungary, you will pay no customs. If you are outside of the EU, then you might have to pay the VAT and customs to the customs office of your country, according to the rules of your country (FedEx or customs will contact you in this case). Some countries, like USA has a high limit, and you will have to pay no customs and VAT. Please make sure you know your country's importing rules.

Shipping is a relatively high cost (40-50 USD, depending on your exact shipping addrress) compared to the cards's price, so if you consider ordering other products from us, make sure you order them together.

To order the cards, please fill this form in: forms.gle/XRtMzCw2dy2RT4dq7

Marked ESP Test Cards

The set contains five ESP (or Zener) cards. The back design is one of the best marked designs on the market and was created by Benke's wife. While you can use these cards on their own, we recommend them for Benke's ESP Test app. The spectator will mix virtual ESP cards in the app, then you present five empty envelopes (numbered 1-5) and 5 real ESP cards. You ask them to mix up the envelopes and also the cards. Then you pick up the cards she selects, and place them into the envelopes one by one. The envelopes, the cards will end up in the same order as are in the app. The app is available in the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

Luna CubeSmith Cards

The set contains 18 cards for the CubeSmith app. Using the CubeSmith app routine you will be able to solve the Rubik Cube to the state on the card selected by the spectator, without seeing the selected card or the Rubik cube. For more information about the CubeSmith app, please visit the website: CubeSmith - magic app

Luna Mental Painter Cards

The set contains 8 cards for the Mental Painter app. The spectator selects one of the cards, and using the app you can figure out which drawing she thinks about on that card. You don't have to see the card she selected. The Mental Painter app is available in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

Marked Color Clown Cards

The set contains 14 cleverly marked cards for Benke's upcoming Color Clown app. The spectator selects a card in secret, mentally sends the image and you will an empty clown template with the same colors.

Luna LockSmith Cards

The set contains 18 cards for Benke's upcoming LockSmith app. Each cards shows a unique unlock pattern. Only the selected pattern will unlock your phone.

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