The Device

PeekSmith 3

PeekSmith is a palmable peeking device that also fits in a card box or in the several amazing accessories our partners are offering. It was made for magicians by magicians. It has a high resolution 160px x 80px color screen, that can display text and simple graphics, also a vibration motor and three buttons. It can connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth LE, so applications can display information or send vibration patterns. It has a companion app, however compatible with a huge number of applications and devices. The three buttons (side, left and right) can work as inputs for the applications. It can also work in "standalone mode", by directly connecting to devices like Spotted Dice, Insight by Hugo Shelley or Kinetic Mental Dice by Marc-Antoine.

The mobile device has to run a mobile app (iOS or Android) that has PeekSmith support, or the app should provide a web URL the PeekSmith app can poll. The built-in battery lasts for several hours (active usage) and can be charged via a micro USB port, see our FAQ for some more information about it.

The firmware running on PeekSmith 3 is in active development, we are adding new features frequently. The PeekSmith app is in development as well. Feel free to join our Facebook group to get the latest information about them.

PeekSmith 2B, Two, One

Previous PeekSmith models had a 128px x 32px monochrome OLED screen, and since PeekSmith Two they had a vibration motor. PeekSmith 2B introduced a hidden button.

Pricing and ordering PeekSmith 3

Visit our How to buy page for more information about the price of the device, and how you can order it.

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