The Device

PeekSmith One and PeekSmith Two

PeekSmith is a small peeking device fits in a card box, made for magicians. It has a 128px x 32px monochrome LCD screen, that can display text and some simple graphics. It can connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth LE. The mobile device has to run a mobile app (iOS or Android) that has PeekSmith support. The built-in battery lasts for 6 hours (active usage) and can be charged via a micro USB port.

PeekSmith Two has all these features and adds a new vibration engine as well.


The price of PeekSmith Two is $120 / €110 / £100 with tracked world-wide shipping included. The PeekSmith One is not longer produced. The PeekSmith companion app is FREE, but later it might get some features that would require an in-app purchase.

App support

PeekSmith currently works with either the free PeekSmith companion app or CubeSmith (cube magic app), and see the list below about the other applications.

The free PeekSmith app is currently in Beta phase, it will get many more new features and options soon. With CubeSmith you can use PeekSmith as a secret screen (for CubeSmith owners, see more info on cubesmith.info).

PeekSmith compatible with the following magic apps:
  • CubeSmith (by Benke Smith)
  • WikiTest (by Marc Kerstein) * Pro Tools required
  • SCI (by Steven Ng)
  • Inject 2 (by Greg Rostami)
  • iTHUMP/Toxic+ (by Ian Pidgeon) * Bluetooth in-app purchase required
  • Vision and Vision:Tricks (by Martin Eisele)

Support is work in progress with these apps:

If you are a developer, contact us! We will share app developers the necessary code/protocol for native PeekSmith support.

New features coming soon

Soon we will add many more new features to the free companion app:

  • ability to send horizontally scrolling text
  • send text in portrait mode (rotate screen 90 degrees)
  • send some simple graphics and drawings
  • poll a URL and display info from the web
  • edit/send predefined texts
  • on Android only: catch/display notifications from other apps

If you are an app developer or you just have some new ideas/requests, please contract us and we will do our best to support/integrate your apps and ideas. :-)

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